Fixing ED is as easy as 123!

Squaring the Circle

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I blogged! It’s late on Thursday and it has been on my mind to broadcast the root cause of ED! I see everyone and their father going in circles trying to solve the mystery to what hinders erectile flow.

Let me break it down in three categories:

Mild ED

Moderately Severe ED

Serious Stuff ED

Mild ED is basically more on emotional stress and bad eating/drinking.

Moderately severe is a combination of good days and really bad days. I would say it’s emotional stress, bad eating/drinking and the possibility of medications.

Then comes… “Serious Stuff”, ED is very severe. This is when penile tissue has really lost it’s tone–colon, rectal walls and prostate has been weak for years. Diet, medications and stress has taken a toll on the kidneys and adrenals, leaving no electrical signals to transmit from nerve to organ/connective tissue. Adrenals are shot. Kidneys are not filtering. And the only way I see a true orgasm being achieved when one has this “Serious” issue is through a wiggle-wiggle motion (done by 2 fingers), no actual strokes can be orchestrated due to the zero flow and very weak tissue.

Whichever level of ED one has, it truly concerns me. It worries me to see helpless vulnerable men go in circles trying to figure out the issue, when it only requires a committed transformation within diet and lifestyle.


Well…I’ll tell you this. If Animal proteins have been clinically proven to be a huge contributor to prostate cancer, then wouldn’t it make sense that meat, whey, milk and cheese be a big NO to a man’s diet? (of course also processed foods like refined breads, junk, sodas, energy drinks and alcohol too are ALL ACIDIC CRAP THAT NEEDS TO GO if you want Mr. Willie working again!)


Meat (Organic or NOT) has so many chemicals, hormones and toxic proteins that messes with your own body’s testosterone production! I am confident that this is THE link to ED! I have many studies that support what I share and when I have the time, I can post the links.


I have had the honor to guide hundreds and hundreds (or maybe even thousands and thousands) of men back to a vibrant life with virility! It took only a few set of instructions for them to reverse their ED issue: my breathing techniques, penile exercises, and most importantly…A PLANT-BASED CLEAN diet! Dumping CHEESE, MILK and acidic-hard-to-digest animal flesh MEAT, brought back life to their flow! CUT OUT DEAD FOOD, you awaken and regenerate your body!

This is why I am going to offer online sessions and leave my hands on Tantra practice VERY SOON.

I am beyond a sensual care-giver! I am a true authentic ED teacher with so much to offer the world. Many can even learn for free through my blogs! Take advantage of this! This is my gift to you! I have been blessed to be able to offer such knowledge through my extensive 12 years of experience with men and ED. This coaching has become second nature.

Anyway it’s getting late. I hope what I shared tonight enlightens you. Hope to meet soon! Meanwhile subscribe!