Tantra Massage

Learn the basics on how to move sensual energy. Feel deeper, fuller and satisfied. From deep tissue to light touch, awaken your senses through Tantra methods and my breathing techniques.

You can learn this through Skype lessons, a one on one in person session, or my upcoming ebook and seminars.

Nerves will be nourished with a sweet loving warm touch that your spirit longs when you apply Tantra in your life.

Learn smooth silky glides throughout your body, gently piercing electrical currents with every healing stroke vibrating your energy points. Vibrating chakras!

Gentle, delicate yet invigorating.

Become present in peace and let go with all the stress that a heavy day can bring.  Leave the rat race behind.

What I offer is a sensual enlightening journey, again, either through skype lessons or in person, you can learn how to be a better sensualist!

I am not an escort or entertainer. I am an educator, mentor and Tantra teacher that will respark your flow and get you feeling young again!

I teach you the benefits of a salt scrub, bath soak and the power of breath. Awaken your lungs and detox your manhood with Tantra energy massage work.

Let’s bring life and vibrancy to your mind body and soul while being pampered by the hands of a Tantric Healer or I can teach your partner and you on how to heal each other.

Couples are welcome (advance booking required)!

Book at TantraOC@gmail.com