Private Healing Sessions with Mila

I am so excited to bring to you another one of my fun and educational blogs. Many locals know me, but if you are new to the arena of Sensual Healing, well hello to you! Hello to all of you!

I have over a decade using my special healing methods fused with the art of Tantra here in Orange County! I am honored to say that all of my students have gotten to be my dear friends over the years. I am a mentor, wellness coach and sensual healer.

My attitude and energy is driven to enlighten and heighten your level of energy flow along with bringing you back your confidence.

I teach you how to bring circulation throughout the body, mind and soul. I work on a high vibration love and have genuine intentions to heal you.

I am very present when you journey with me.

My nurturing care reflects my strong reputation as a established legitimate Sensual Massage Therapist in Southern California, with my specialty being prostate healing and ED/PE/Stamina training. I am definitely unique.

Who knew that what I started many years back would evolve to a solid practice in teaching men how to regain or strengthen their VIRILITY?

I offer methods that actually work to help heal men in the deepest-rooted way!

I have proven time and time again, that my healing sessions make an impact in men’s lives and my work is authentic– winning the hearts of the pickiest, wealthiest and most skeptic.

I began my practice many years back in the heart of Newport Beach healing couples with fertility. I am now located by the in a beautiful cozy home where I now treat my students. Orange County has been more than good to me. Sad to say that my retiring days are approaching but my memories with all my students, I will always hold dear. I thank all of you that have brought me to this vibrant chapter in my life. GOD BLESS you all! I will go more mainstream and do more online coaching.

Thank you,

Mila 949-229-3314 (Text only please)

PS I am not a doctor, all therapy and guidance are for educational purposes only.

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