Animal Proteins and Prostate Cancer


T. Colin Campbell, PhD who has been at the forefront of nutrition research for over forty years is someone you can learn from. He wrote the book The China Study.

“The toll from prostate cancer is immense. In the U.S., one out of every ten men will be diagnosed with this devastating disease. ”

In striking contrast are Chinese men who have the lowest advanced prostate cancer rates in the world, one in every 100,000. While we don’t know all the factors leading to this huge discrepancy, we do know that high levels of testosterone can be a triggering factor in prostate cancer. We also know that testosterone production is accelerated by a high animal-protein diet.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you may be surprised to know that you have a mix of male and female hormones. It’s the various proportions of testosterone and estrogen that not only account for differences between men and women but also can account for the difference between life and death.

Among the many advantages of a plant-based diet is the fact that vegetables contain phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) that help normalize the proportion of testosterone to estrogen in the body. Several studies have shown that men eating diets high in phytoestrogen-containing foods soybeans and peas, for example are less likely to develop cancer.

Even more convincing are two studies that tracked a total of more than 68,000 American men. Both studies found that those men who ate the most fat (thereby boosting their testosterone levels) had 79% more advanced prostate cancer than the men who kept to low-fat diets.Which fatty foods were the worst? Red meat, mayo, and butter.

When the downside of an animal foods diet is compared with the full spectrum of advantages of a plant-based diet (including the addition of antioxidants, vitamins, and other helpful nutrients), the difference in prostate cancer rates between Chinese and American men is not so surprising.”

The facts from Campbells’s studies, are supported by medical doctors globally and they are taking the stand and sharing detailed facts on the dangers of animal proteins.

This is available online for free. And if you see blogs or articles debunking such facts, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the meat industry.

Google Protein Myth!

Also billions of dollars is generated from ED medications as well as other prescriptions related to some sort of reproductive and testosterone issues, so why wouldn’t the healthcare system tell you the truth? Animal agriculture and big pharma work together!

Medication after medication is a common pattern I have seen!  Over-prescribing  hypertension meds (for example) traps one to eventually get on ED meds. Many medications do because it contaminates the blood and it’s flow!

Hmmmmm. Are you guys connecting the dots yet? And when one does get on ED meds, they eventually need prostate medication because of the hardening from the toxic metals causing an enlarge prostate. Prescribing meds have become a normal routine for these doctors. It just keeps on going until you’re totally cornered, hopeless and stuck!

Well I am here to get you redirected as well as endless info on the web! I know rebuilding a new belief system with a plant-based diet seems unnatural.  And that’s how we have been programmed to think! We have lived hundreds of years doing what we have been doing, and guess what people, IT’S NOT WORKING! Even the Paleo diet has been thoroughly researched and they found that primal eaters were actually frugivor/herbivore! Yup we have all been sheeples! Google Paleo Poop.

A plant-based path is a new way of vibrant eating.  It will take some planning. Within weeks it will become second nature! A plant-based diet is the true solution to bringing back prostate wellness! In the beginning you will no longer have those stimulants from animal hormones so you may feel weak and fatigued for a few days up to a few weeks. Removing meat and dairy will be an opportunity to have your OWN body create and balance it’s own testosterone levels! NO more mystery blood work on what is going on in your body! Intuition will kick in and common sense there after 🙂

Depending how much your body has been depleted, everyone’s healing differs. If your are on medication (s), please do not just stop taking them. Educate yourself and have your doctor lower your doses as you meanwhile heal yourself through a plant-based diet!

I am not a doctor. I am a researcher and prostate nutrition specialist.

Thanks for reading again guys!