How Do I Teach Tantra?

Prostate Specialist Mila

Tantra is a path for people wanting to know themselves sensually and spiritually on a deeper level than what has been taught in society. We are all energy and through life’s hustle and bustle we lose our sacred connection within ourselves–creating empty outlets that deplete our spirit even more so.

We are sensual beings, but the key word is whole-beings. Working with our whole being and body requires us to acknowledge all levels of consciousness. Not just the physical, but also the awakening of the heart,  mind and spirit.

Tantra is a natural method to move the surge of energy throughout the body, circulating life and expanding creativity in a pure fashion.

What I teach is not sex. I do not offer anything illegal.

I am a genuine educator that brings a true revival to your organs, sacred spot and sensual enlightenment.

To be brash, my sessions are about teaching and guiding you through breath work and techniques and offer you life coaching.

Nothing else!

I have no code words for any of my lessons. It’s all strictly instruction.

Trust in me to surrender yourself, I will lead you to bliss and help you release disharmony. Your life has a deeper purpose and it’s time to elevate the vibration and attract healing at it’s optimal.