New body, new mind. A stronger therapist!

 I’m back from my break and my mind & body are stronger than ever.

Being a conduit to prostate wellness is rewarding but at the same time, it can be taxing to my strong yet petite body. I took a little vacation to recharge so I can be a nurturing machine for my students.

If you have not yet experienced my tantric massage melt, I use a unique approach to revive the sacred spot area. I dive into your body with a nourishing massage and swim my electric being using my knees, calves, and feet.

In order to get your blood cleaning and circulating a certain way in the root chakra region, I must do a deep and strong massage to flush out toxins in the connective tissue.

My style? Picture yoga and chi gong softly conducted on your inner thighs and the side of your buttocks– working my way slowly to your heart chakra and crown.
It’s relaxing for me but it does take a great amount of my energy and physical work. A true workout!

My bodywork specializes in the revival of the nervous system and endocrine glands (hormones). The primary healing of addressing nerves is a must before the stamina training and prostate rejuvenation lessons begin. There is detailed work behind each session.

I begin by having your body stress-free and calm.
Adrenals must be at rest before I work on the whole-body. It is only at that point when removing blocked energy in the nerves can work in harmony with your breathwork and blood flow to support prostate healing. This is also where I incorporate tantric breathing methods.  My session is an entire healing symphony.
A total orchestration of so many modalities.

I am an empath, so at the same time, I’m sensitive to all the emotions you release.

With all the above mentioned, I took a break and treated myself to a long healing vacation. I detoxed my mind and cleaned out my body with nourishing plant-based meals and juices.
A very much needed healing time for me.
It was my time to recharge!

During my self-healing, it inspired me to create even better prostate healing programs! Deeper healing sessions!

I want to extend your education and broaden your view on holistic healing. The “natural” movement and the correct way of eating are slowly reshaping everyone’s perception of wellness and how to heal blocked energy that causes dysfunction.

My break from healing others got me to reflect on my deeper purpose.
My path to bringing wellness to men’s prostate and virility issues got me to reassess is really unparalleled. With my years of experience and hands-on wisdom, I am mastering the craft of prostate massage healing!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I must offer a support program even after a productive healing session is completed. This will help one retain the exercises and meal plan protocols that is essential for change to happen.

Deepest apologies on my delay with blogging. I am excited to bring more content in the near future. Please subscribe. Grow with me. I’ll teach you to be young again!

Thank you for reading.