Prostate Specialist 2022 Tour

I’m looking forward to meeting new and old students! This tour is very special and customised to each individual’s healing. I’ll be taking sanitation precautions at all times to assure your safety!

I’m offering a private and upscale space to pamper you in!
These prostate detox sessions are AN INVESTMENT to prostate health and emotional wellbeing! Be prepared for your intensive session and rates being at premium scale! I offer comprehensive prostate work. My skills are sorta unparalleled. Not bragging, but I have EXTENSIVE experience… like more than a few decades worth. LOL! SO YES, my rates are very fair for premium prostate care!

I’m a dominant guide, but my loving touch will place you at ease (most of the time :P).

Our end goal is to rejuvenate your whole-body by building stamina through edging and prostate therapy… awakening your masculine flow!

Rebooting testosterones naturally through prostate healing will prevent you from taking synthetic hormone therapy that makes you dependent on drugs/chemicals. My students have also complimented on how much stronger their urinary flow has become after their prostate detox.

I offer superior holistic healing not just for prostate health but mental wellness anxiety support to help you become a better emotional lover! Tantra coaching will be included.

Below are my 2022 dates and cities I will be visiting! Please pre-book via email: TantraOC@gmail. Allow some time for me to get back with you. 2021 dates are coming soon as well.

I’m excited to meet with you!


Coach Mila aka Prostate Specialist

Tour dates:
Newport Beach, CA MAY, SEPT. and NOV.

Dallas, TX APRIL

North Atlanta is my main hub

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